FACT: The majority of mature businesses opt for “All In” print plans that bundle the total cost of prints, copies, toner, parts, service and maintenance into each page / impression. To find out why most businesses prefer this model please read further below:


Benefits of an “ALL IN” Plan:

  1. Understand all of your costs via a simple monthly usage report
  2. You and your staff no longer worry about service, parts and maintenance charges
  3. You will never have to buy another expensive maintenance kit
  4. There is no need to purchase or inventory toner cartridges
  5. As service and maintenance is included in your plan we guarantee you will extend the life of your unit
  6. Included in your plan we offer the best product replacement guarantees (for up to 8 years on new units)
  7. Free up your capital and write it off as a business expense
  8. Perhaps the most significant benefit of all however is the time you and your staff will save as a result of the benefits above and the convenience you will enjoy as a result.

What exactly is an “ALL IN” plan?

Under the plan you pay by the impression for every networked printer or multifunctional, and you will receive a customized monthly printout of usage that puts you back in control of your asset.

  • You don’t pay for toner cartridges
  • You don’t pay for service calls or parts
  • You don’t pay for maintenance kits
  • You don’t need to check – did we get this or that?

Who owns the equipment?

You can own it – or we can own it. 4 Office can even buy back your unit(s) and factor the capital into the “all in” plan. You get the money up front, and dispense of any worries around the equipment.

When should the plan be implemented?

Most business customers opt for an “All In” print plan for a combination of cost savings, convenience and efficiency. Ideally, the “All In” plan should be implemented after you have done an internal assessment of the running costs of your current equipment.

Need Help?

Depending on the size of your business or institution, you may need the services of a consultant to determine the true running costs of your equipment fleet. 4 Office Automation can supply this as a free service and / or make several recommendations of third party consultants.

Buyer Beware:

Whether you are looking at buying or leasing a single device, or an entire fleet of equipment, understanding the difference between transactional products and contractual products is essential to making smart purchase decisions. If your print volume is below 300 impressions per month for instance, you can probably be safe with buying a small desktop printer from staples or some other online retailer. That being said if your print volumes exceed 1000 – 1500 impressions per month, you will likely save a lot more on supplies over the long run by going with a business unit that has a lower supply cost over the long run.