4 Office is a leading provider of managed print services and solutions to all levels of government, education and healthcare throughout the GTA and the province of Ontario.

As defined by Gartner, a leading IT and Business Consulting Firm,

Definition: A service offered by an external provider to optimize or manage a company’s document output to certain objectives, such as:

  1. Driving Down Overhead Costs
  2. Improving Efficiencies and Productivity
  3. Reducing Administrative Burdens

Multifunctional & Printer Fleet Management

4 OFFICE specializes in the efficient sourcing, setup, delivery and management of large multifunctional equipment fleets and is the largest independent managed print services bureau in Canada and the Province of Ontario. Over the past 40 years we have been awarded numerous contracts at all levels of the Government, Education and Private Sector. As a result of servicing these accounts we have developed a very efficient model for delivering the best value to both public and private sector clients.

Cost Control and Transparency

With software solutions like P Counter, paper cut and follow me print, all printing, scanning and copying can be tracked at both the user and device level, allowing for full control over the equipment fleet and transparency of print related costs.

Methodology and Objectives

After a thorough assessment of each facility and the current mix of equipment, a plan is created to satisfy the current and projected print volume with a more efficient deployment of devices. Generally speaking, the objective is to move high cost desktop printer prints to low cost multifunctional prints. The secret to success lies in Gartner’s “10 meter rule”, ie place existing(and additional) multifunctionals within 30 feet of the users so as to eliminate up to 85% of all desktop printers.

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Scope of Services

Services can be as simple as removing high cost print devices in favor of more lower cost devices – or – as complicated as assuming service responsibility for an existing fleet of multiple vendor products.

Main Components

  • Assessment of current print device infrastructure and costs.
  • Proposal and Agreement to re-align and/or remove.
  • Selection of general replacement hardware.
  • Ongoing provision of service, parts, supplies for both new and existing hardware.
  • Tracking and measurement of equipment usage for greater efficiency and productivity gains throughout the life of the contract.  Recommendations and adjustments are made in order to improve satisfaction and meet the changing needs of customers.

Current Client Results:


The City of Ottawa, a large public sector 4 Office customer recently reined in its printing costs, gained full control of its fleet and achieved complete transparency of print related costs through managed print. This Enterprise Print Management Solution is one of the largest of its kind ever deployed, with printing, copying and scanning all tracked at both the user and device levels. Click Here to learn more. 


How to succeed with Managed Print:

The better fiscal and environmental management of print is not achieved without some change. For managed print to succeed, all levels of the organization must be in agreement with the financial, efficiency and environmental objectives. The best managed print programs occur when there is commitment and cooperation between key departments within the organization, IT being one of the most important.

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