Simple Document Imaging & Workflow Management

Imagine being able to “google” any document in your organization based on a keyword or number reference. With OCR recognition software, you are able to search for your scanned documents by any name or number reference.

OCR Index and Search

3 Components of a Simple Document Management / Digital Archiving Solution:

  1. Scanning and Imaging:
    Documents are scanned into Searchable PDF format (Optical Character Recognition indexes all text, keyword and number references contained in the document).
  2. Storage:
    Very simply and easily route documents into existing folders on a local network or create new folders directly from the scanning device / MFP.
  3. Retrieval:
    Use Index search to locate any of your documents by name, keyword or number reference.

Key Benefits:

Security & Disaster Recovery:
Easy backup & storage offsite

Productivity Gains:
You are no longer manually digging through file cabinets when trying to locate a document

Documents can be viewed by many people within your office or from remote off-site locations

Documents don’t become lost since there is no need to re-file

Space Efficiency:
Save office and cabinet space in your office / workplace

Cost Savings:
Employee and company resources are free from the manual handling, filing and re-filing of paper documents

Environmental Sustainability:
Documents are printed and copied at less of a frequency due to access by staff across the network