Ozone Free Copiers and Print Devices

Local and Federal Governments throughout North America and Europe have already banned many devices that produce OZONE (O3) for the potentially harmful effects they can have on respiratory health and it is now slowly coming to light that some printer and copier products (due to the technology they employ) have the potential to produce this gas above a threshold of tolerable health standards. Fortunately not all print and copier products produce Ozone (O3).

“Ozone (O3), when released through conventional laser copy/print systems, is hazardous to the health of staff”, and Ozone filters offer only temporary protections, as noted in a recent health Xchange* article – “Your Office Copier May Not Be As harmless As You Think” – May 16/12

15313302-safety-sign-triangle-warning-triangle-sign-bgv-unit-vector-pictogram-icon-ozone-layer-generated1-300x300What is Ozone (O3)?

Ozone (O3) is a highly reactive and unstable form of oxygen. The oxygen we breathe (O2) contains only two oxygen atoms, but the ozone (O3) molecule is made up of three oxygen atoms that are bound together. Click here to learn more about some of the adverse effects of ground level Ozone from Health Canada’s website.

Old Technology & the Public Sector

KidsOzone is becoming an important factor in the procurement of office print devices. Many Ontarians don’t realize that printers and copiers with older technology often emit indoor ozone that is hazardous to human health. Ontario schools and workplaces are especially at risk considering there is a high amount of printing and copying in these environments. To learn more about Ozone and what is being done to remove it in our schools and the public sector, please visit: