Papercut-logoPaperCut’s print management and print accounting software is being utilized now by many organizations across North America and the World. 4 Office has responded to the demand for this solution and has successfully implemented the solution in a number of school boards and major accounts across Ontario.

PaperCut™ provides a number of attractive features for controlling and tracking print activity. Some notable features that are commonly used by school boards include:

  • Advanced scripting: The ability to print for free during class time.
  • Advanced scripting: Teacher approved colour printing.
  • Advanced scripting: Compliance and enforcement of duplex printing (to help save paper).
  • Refillable & voucher based printing cards for students
  • Create, modify and manage existing departments & groups
  • A custom online interface that integrates easily with a college intranet

Although originally designed for Schools and Learning Environments, the software is being utilized across a broader range of organizations. Papercut™ is helping School Boards and IT departments gain more control  over their printer activity and costs, allowing for better cost and resource management across the departments and organizations.