Starting a business or looking for a low cost, easy to implement solution? We can Help.

Rule# 1

Copiers require service – get yourself a 4 hour maximun On-Site Service Plan.

Rule# 2

Manufactures Price “Consumables” (Toner Drums etc) inversely with the cost of equipment.

I.e Low Cost Copier – high cost supplies.


To Protect yourself –

Compare all the costs at your expected volume!

Same Manufacturers, Similar Features – Very different costs to buy and to run;

MX317DN – Sold for @200.00

• Toner very very expensive – 6.8¢/page.
• Parts and drums extra.
• On-site service Extra- (i.e. you can get it).

XM3150 – More Expensive to Lease – yes…

• But 4 hour on-site service with all parts,
• Service, drums and toner cost just 1.35¢/page.
• 8 year replacement Guarantee.
• No surprises.

Aside from having great deals on new and re-manufactured products, many of our small and medium business customers enjoy solutions that help make their operation more efficient and their staff more productive. Some popular applications include:

  • Quick and Easy Document Management
  • OCR / Scan to PDF Solutions
  • Workflow Solutions
  • Paperless Billing
  • Automated Payments

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