Key Operator ECM procedures:
Note: this is only available if the 4 Office rep(s) have given you the 4- digit and 8-digit passwords.
·        Press the “?”(Help) button.
This gives you a screen with a picture of the machine and areas of help.
·        Select the bottom left “ Key Operator Mode” by touching that box.
This gives you a screen that asks for your 4 digit “Key Operator Password”.
·        Enter 7 0 7 5.
You are now in the Key Operator mode. This has two screens of key operator functions to select.
·        Select #4 ECM function setting.
The next screen asks for the ECM Master Key Code. This is the 8-digit password.
·        Enter 7 0 7 5 7 0 7 5, then “OK”.
The next screen shows three selections:
1.      E.C.M. data edit
2.      E.C.M. all count reset
3.      E.C.M. function setting.
See explanations below:
1.      E.C.M. data edit:
  This will give you a screen that allows you to add, change or delete any users. You may also highlight any user by selecting the up and down arrows and zero their count by pressing the bottom selection “Count Reset”. This does not delete their password, name or maximum limit. When highlighted you may also delete or change information to this user.
Points to note:
–         Each user must have 8 digits in their password (add zeros to the end).
–         The users do not have to be given a limit. (Max. is 999999)
–         Each user may or may not be given a Name. (Use the alpha touch keys).
–         You can use the touch keypad or the regular keypad to edit or enter
–         You can have 9999 users.
2.      E.C.M. all count reset:
This allows you to collectively zero the entire users count total. This does not affect their passwords, names or limits.
3.      E.C. M. function setting:
This allows you to turn ECM off / on.
This also has a selection that allows you to warn” the user that they are getting close to their maximum count limit or stop the copier “after they have passed their limit or “immediately” when they reach their limit. (I suggest the latter).
Once all the users have been added and edited as acceptable, you may get a printout of this by back stepping the previous screens until you get to the Key Operator menu.
 Select “#14 Copy Management Print”.
You will now have a screen with choices you can print out.
Select the ECM print and press the print button.
Note:  after a user has done their copying, they can either wait one minute to clear there password for the next user or hold the “P” button and touch the “C” button once.
If you have any questions or comments, please call your 4 Office rep.