The majority of businesses opt for an “All In” print plan that bundles the printing, the toner, the parts and maintenance fees into the cost of each printed page. Why do most businesses prefer this model? See Below:


Benefits of an “ALL IN” Plan

  1. Understand your costs – get monthly usage reports
  2. Stop worrying about service and maintenance charges
  3. Stop inventorying toner cartridges
  4. Extend life of asset with replacement guarantees
  5. Don’t be held hostage to outrageous maintenance kit costs
  6. Free up your capital and write it off as an expense

What exactly is an “ALL IN” plan?

Under the plan you pay by the print for every networked printer or multifunctional in the fleet, and get a customized monthly printout of usage that puts you in control of your asset.

  • You don’t pay for toner cartridges
  • You don’t pay for service calls
  • You don’t pay for Maintenance Kits
  • You don’t need to check – did we get this or that?

Who owns the equipment?

You can own it – or we can own it. 4 Office can even buy your fleet and factor the capital into the “all in” plan. You get money up front and get rid of a big headache.

When should the plan be implemented?

If your business is like most, chances are you have three times the number of printers that you need. Ideally, the “all in” plan for printer fleets should be executed after the fleet has been reduced as part of a Print Migration initiative. Please review PRINT MIGRATION.

How much can you save?

Assuming you execute a Print Migration initiative, you will likely not need to buy another printer for over five years. Aside from this savings, it should be possible to reduce costs a further 30% (case studies available upon request).

How should you start?

Assuming you have not executed a Print Migration project, start by finding and monitoring your printers. Download our free software here. It is completely safe and is even used by some of our uber security conscious government and hospital clients. For total security we can give you software to go on your own server.

Need Help?

Depending on the size of your business or institution, you may need the services of a consultant. 4 Office Automation can supply the service or make several recommendations.

Watch Out!

There are independent “consultants” – and there are manufacturing “consultants” who craft RFPs to support the “company” products.  4 Office Automation is not such a company as we have access to the brands that can fulfill any need.