FACT: In the simplest terms, it costs far more money to have multiple desktop printers on individual work stations than it does to have a higher volume multifunctional device in close proximity to departments and work groups.

According to Gartner Group Consulting, “print fleets can cost an enterprise between 1% and 3% of corporate revenue per year”.  Gartner predict savings opportunities of 30% -50% with a properly executed Print Migration initiative.

Understanding The Cost Per Page

Print Migration is a key component to a properly managed, economical Managed Print Strategy.

To understand how print migration works, it is important to make the distinction between a low cost device and a high cost device. A desktop printer, for instance, has a much higher cost per page over its lifespan compared to a work group multifunctional copier.

Most people are surprised to learn that the total cost per page difference can often be 10 to 1. The reason for this is that most printers (even high efficiency lasers) require additional maintenance kits and other consumables over the product’s life cycle.

Print Migration Cost Reduction Rate

The cost per page for a desktop printer is significantly higher than an MFP over the entire product life cycle.

Consolidation & Efficiency

A single MFP device can be used for the equivalent volume of possibly 12 or more desktop printers. Not only is the cost per print much lower on an MFP device, but there is less of an administrative burden associated to maintaining multiple print devices throughout an office environment, not to mention the savings in electricity costs.

Print Migration - Consolidation and Spacing

Staff Need To Buy In

The key to print migration is the willingness of an organization to divert more printing volume to lower cost-per page devices (such as de-centralized MFP’s) and to only use high cost per page desktop printers for smaller print jobs.

Moving away from large centralized multifunctionals (MFD) to fully featured mid sized MFDs is the key to “buy in”.


Staff Buy Into Print Migration

Staff need to buy into a print migration initiative, but leadership must come from the top.


Results Realizable

4 Office Customer Example:

  • One very large public sector 4 Office customer recently reported saving as much as $2.3 Million Dollars (on hardware and services) as a result of implementing print migration as part of their managed print strategy.

Obstacles to Success

The restructuring of office print devices across departmental boundaries can sometimes result in differences in policy and opinion. If all levels of the organization are in agreement with the financial, efficiency and environmental objectives, a managed print services program can result in huge benefits.