Government-Icon4 Office currently services the print needs of over 250,000 public sector employees throughout Ontario and across Canada. Managing large equipment fleets in all levels of Government, School Boards and Health Care, 4 Office has earned its reputation as a supplier that delivers consistent value throughout each and every contract.

Some of the core value offerings that we supply our clients include:


Operational Efficiency

With all in cost per impression fleet management, 4 Office reduces the administrative burden on Public Employees, freeing up time and resources.

Cost Control & Transparency

With custom billing and fleet reporting, as well as software solutions like P Counter and follow me print – all printing, scanning and copying can be tracked at both the user and device level, allowing for full control over the equipment fleet and transparency of print related costs. To learn more see Managed Print Services.


Our customers enjoy some of the most reliable, environmentally friendly products in the industry. To learn more visit 4 Office and the Environment.


We understand that indoor air pollution is just as serious as outdoor air pollution when it comes to respiratory health, therefore we only market products that are clean and that do not produce Ozone. To learn more visit Ozone Health and Safety.